Spice is now the most viewed female dancehall artiste on YouTube. Throughout her career, the Queen of Dancehall has racked up over 517 million views on the platform.

This is according to Spice Chart Data, a social media platform that keeps track of Spice’s career moves. Spice shared this new accomplishment on her Instagram, and her followers cheered her on as usual.

“No doubt……… deh baddest!!!!!,” one commented.

“That’s why she’s the Queen, cause she work for this shitt,” another said.

Recently her hit song ‘So Mi Like It surpassed one hundred million views on YouTube after being uploaded seven years ago. In the process, she became the first female dancehall artiste to reach that milestone on a solo song.

Spice’s music videos are also known for their high level of quality. Recently she dropped a futuristic effort for the track Send It Up further pushing the boundaries in the genre.

Spice joined YouTube in 2013 and has so far uploaded fifty-seven videos which have gotten her a fan base of over 1.52 million subscribers on the streaming service.