Dalton Harris Mother Expects Financial Gain Despite Kicking Him Out

“Dalton fi do better by his mother. Him fi deal with her better. She fight with her seven kids dem, dem always a go school, dem always clean, so why him caan just give her the respect she deserves. Because she beat him? She scold him outta love, it wasn’t no abuse thing,” a male resident told Loop News reporter, Claude Mills.

The winner of The X Factor is awarded a £1 million (approximately J$162,632,400) recording contract with Syco Music, in association with Sony Music. However, the money is a secondary and peripheral concern to the people of Sanguinetti, who are worried that the sleepy hamlet’s reputation is being tarnished by the ongoing mudslinging.

“Why as him ah get some real success now him choose fi disrespect him mother? Him shoulda a try elevate her and not put her in a negative light. It nuh look good and it nuh feel good as a parent,” another resident said.

“Is like him have up his mother all this time and ah use the contest to deal with her wicked and get revenge on her. It hurtful because the town of Sanguinetti love him, but he is ungrateful. The New Testament Church of God pastor who prayed for him as a youth when he heard him sing in the church for the first time, all those people, him forget them, including the people dem from Grantham who encouraged him to enter Rising Stars. We hope he wins (The X Factor), but him fi deal wid his mother better,” he said.

The mother of seven, who lives in a rented house in Sanguinetti, said she expects the issues with her son to be resolved one day.